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Why The Simplifier?

To simplify things to their essence and cut through complexity.

I'll distill your intricate tech concepts into clear, compelling narratives that resonate with your audience.

I'll ensure your message is not just heard but felt, making it understandable even for a 7-year-old child.

Client Testimonials

Eugeniu Costetchi

Founder Meaningfy

I have so much to express, but I don’t have a voice, I don’t have time to present myself, and I don’t know how to do it correctly. I decided to work with you because I need you to be my voice.

I need you to be the nightingale singing the Meaningfy song. I like how you sing your own story and I want you to sing our story in the same way.

You have an authentic naivety with a positive connotation - believer, courageous, visionary.

I like this. Because the opposite of naivety is cynicism.

You dare to do things and I can see you get things done. If you decide it, you do it.

Cristian & Anastasia


We highly recommend Daniel for his expertise in sales consulting.

He helped us analyze our sales strategy, website, and email marketing campaigns, and taught us the framework.

His guidance on personalized messaging and use cases was invaluable to improving our sales processes.

Ina German


Daniel supplies our company with two types of fuel that makes us feel how we are growing.

The first is clarity, namely the help we receive from the sales perspective for communicating our products to target customers.

The second is competence, which means that our efforts as a startup do not spread into ineffective actions.

Patrick Helm


I've consulted many experts on LinkedIn optimization, but none resonated with me like Daniel, The Simplifier.

Strategy — Daniel doesn’t just optimize. He transforms your LinkedIn profile into a dynamic landing page, tailored to convert visitors into customers. His approach isn't one-size-fits-all. It's a unique blueprint crafted for your brand’s success.

Results: Daniel's methods aren't just theory; they're tried, and tested. Since implementing his recommendations, my profile engagement increased, and and I was able to generate new leads.
Holistic Approach: Daniel goes beyond the superficial. He delved deep into my brand ethos and surfaced with a narrative that was compelling to my target audience.

If you're serious about leveraging LinkedIn's full potential, I highly recommend working with Daniel. Just be ready to work, the results are worth it.